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My friends keep asking me about name and phone number of that hunk on the cover of Sitkas’ book. I wish I knew it! I purchased an image from Colourbox. The hunk looks exactly like the slave in the story, believe me!

I consider roaming around the Continent next summer. I love to do it outdoors. Hei! Don’t you dare to think that! I mean roaming. Loitering around. Hiking. Cycling. When was the last time I visited to the Continent? Can’t even remember… too bad. Definitely I’m in serious need of roaming over there once again, and soon. I wish I will survive this winter. I hate darkness and snow. I love to do skiing and all such, but too much snow kills me.

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under her domain_small

Sitkas Viti – a teller of twisted stories, just published an e-book. It tells quite nasty a story – consensual, safe, mostly even sane sex, and also violence that is brutal and rough. Definitely not for kids. You can download it here.

And I have now also a brand new website for Sitkas – A teller of twisted stories! And if you strain your eyes and brains to find out what flower is on background, it is a datura, giver of mysterious dreams – and nasty death.

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New website on its way!

I think this information can be useful for at least some of you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good free web hosting provider to choose –

They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages. I already have there one website, and I’m going to put up another one – for myself, as Sitkas Viti.

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I perhaps just recently laughed my butt off, but today there is no reason to laugh, on the contrary. My doctor called me telling the results from my blood tests taken a couple of weeks away. Everything is fine, said she, your results indicates incredible good health. But… Yes, there is this but… I feel very ill. I’ve been thinking, positively, that there must be something sinister and by meds away-hush-able ailment lurking amongst my organs and innards, but no. I’m extraordinarily fit. Fit as a fiddle, as they say. Why, then, I feel as if I’m about to pass away at any moment? Terrible arrhythmia, searing head-ache every morning, not to mention the other embarrassing symptoms?

Weird, indeed, mused doctor, perhaps you have too high blood pressure? Nope.

What about head, then? Too high intracranial pressure?

OMG!!! I know there is a big machine with numerous gears whirring in my head, and there can be moments when pressure rises high, but isn’t it called thinking? Surely I can’t cease thinking? No way. I’ll meet Doc next Wednesday. Perhaps she’ll give me a referral for brain scanning? It would be interesting!

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Today I got finished reading the funniest and the most refreshing book I’ve seen for ages: The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry. He is a person I greatly value. I’ve been his fan since “My name is Jeeves, sir” – you know what I mean. His reckless verbal fireworks and unconstrained plot twists in The Hippopotamus are exhilarating! I don’t remember when I’ve laughed so much in reading a book.

The book tells about a mansion, where is going on something weird – no less than miracles, actually. But are they? An old poet try to find out what is really going on.

In addition to my bursts of laughing I learned many colourful phrases and expressions in English… I’m sure they’ll some day come in useful when I write my own stories.

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Alive and kicking!

O-o! I’ve been away for – could it be true? – three years. Three years of constant fussing around, fiddling and fingering this and that and to what end? I don’t know, except – it’s been funny! My life is good, I ride on the highest wave of life. And again I’m ready to tell about everything that exists, at least if I get it in my eyes. Or mind, or ears, whatever.

Now I can hear you ask: but Hvorostovski – what about him and his magical voice? Yes, yes, I will tell about him, too, music is always dear to me. Not only Dima but many other singers are dear to my ears. For example Bryn Terfel’s voice makes my inner voids vibrate, especially when he sings in his native language, Welsh. When he sings Cariad Cyntaf, ah! it is Heaven to my ears, not to mention my heart…

But nowadays I’m more into books, especially e-books. I will review some of the dearest to me books in future.

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Of languages, music and move

I’ve been ages away from this blog neither having time nor interest to update it. I’ve been so busy and occupied by my language studies. As you perhaps remember, Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s miraculous voice cracked my head open about 2 years ago revealing new ways to use those little grey cells that slumber within it. I then began to study Russian, and Russian in its turn guided me to study Kazakh. Both of them demand lots of hard work, believe me! Luckily I’ve native speakers in my acquaintance helping me to navigate through rocky fields of these two languages.

Someone asked recently, why I don’t write about Hvorostovsky anymore. I will, I promise that much, but now I’m in the mood to tell you about a ballet I happened to see lately: Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake at Bolshoi Theatre, recorded on 1989. It was a great and happy moment when I found this pearl of ballets, because – well, reasons are many! First, if you don’t love Swan Lake, I wonder if you love anything… and secondly, on this performance I can see one of the dearest dancers to me, Aleksandr Vetrov (who works nowadays as an artistic director of the Metropolitan Classical Ballet together with Paul Mejia).

Aleksandr Vetrov flies as Rothbart

On this recording Yuri Vasyuchenko makes very fine and precise Prince Siegfried. Mikhalchenko’s Odette is good; her highly praised sinewy arms make her appearance almost ethereal, but unfortunately she is too bony to create a plausible portrait of Odile, who should be a vivacious girl oozing dark, passionate temptation. (Ah, Maya Plisetskaya, Maya Plisetskaya!) Sometimes too many bare bones sticking out of ballerina’s breast can ruin impression she’s trying to create. Aleksandr Vetrov’s Rothbart is awesome! Full of power, electricity, might! He is thousand times more alive as Vasyuchenko, who is not bad either, no, no! They make an excellent pair, and when they are together on a stage, there are such energy and emotions in the air that it gives the creeps all over my body! Breathtaking moments are not rare on this performance.

Choreography of this Swan Lake is based on the one made by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, but is is revised by Yuri Grigorovichy. I, however, lack tools to describe all nuances of it because I don’t understand too much about concept of choreography. I only can tell what I feel watching the performance… and my feelings are many and run deep!

This performance is an excellent example of a piece of art where music and movement together are more than the sum of their parts. Music and movement that is precisely designed for it can make you feel yourself more alive, more human. And Tchaikovsky’s music has merits of its own. At this moment so light, so playfull, and on the next moment its dramatic tones make your heart almost burst open.

I can deeply recommend this Swan Lake. It is more than worth of seeing. It is strange, how deeply dance can touch human being's soul. At least that of mine!

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